Guardians of Ancora


Guardians of Ancora is a Scripture Union England and Wales project to utilise modern digital technology to teach 8 to 11 year old children about Jesus and encourage them to read the Bible.  It is a huge project based around a computer game which is playable on tablet computers and smart phones, which is what most children will use.  Unfortunately, there is not currently a version which will run on Windows based computers.  The following is a list of tablets and phones which will accommodate the Guardians of Ancora App:

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Children’s Holiday Club 2016


St Martin’s Methodist Church was transformed into ‘The Hall of Memories’ from 2nd to 5th August when over 40 children aged 4 to 11 gathered to take part in the annual holiday club event.

This year the title was ‘Guardians of Ancora’. The children became ‘guardians’ searching for lost story treasures. Each story treasure uncovered helped the spire of light to shine brighter every day as the group learnt more about Jesus’ miracles. Continue reading