Bible Version Confusion

Printed Bible Versions

Bibles in a Bookshop

When I was young, when anyone wanted a new Bible, it was easy to choose which version, for there were very few versions other than the King James version. In fact, I cannot remember seeing anything other than the King James Bible in the bookshops and all the Bibles given out to the children at Sunday school anniversaries were universally King James Bibles.  Then in 1961 the New English version of the New Testament appeared, followed in 1970 by the Old Testament.  From then onwards it seemed as if a new Bible translation appeared every few months and today we have hundreds.  It is not apparently possible for anyone to give an accurate number of the current number of English translations, since there are also large numbers of partial Bibles containing a single testament, groups of books, or just a single book, but the American Bible Society, taking everything into consideration, thinks there are around 900 English language versions of the Bible available today and I am not sure whether this figure is just for printed versions or includes digital versions too.

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Guardians of Ancora


Guardians of Ancora is a Scripture Union England and Wales project to utilise modern digital technology to teach 8 to 11 year old children about Jesus and encourage them to read the Bible.  It is a huge project based around a computer game which is playable on tablet computers and smart phones, which is what most children will use.  Unfortunately, there is not currently a version which will run on Windows based computers.  The following is a list of tablets and phones which will accommodate the Guardians of Ancora App:

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Passion Week: A Bible Reading Journey

10_Triumphant_Entry_1024The last week of Lent is known either as Holy Week or Passion Week. We use it to reflect on Jesus’ own last week, starting with the celebrated Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem, and ending with the Good Friday crucifixion and Easter resurrection.


This Bible Reading Plan from Olive Tree Bible offers a selection of daily Bible readings to help follow this theme during the coming week.

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