As Summer holidays draw to a close, our minds turn again to the new cycle of school and church years which begin in September. Now is a great time to think forward about the coming year.

I have been reading a book called “10” by John Pritchard. Actually I’ve been reading it on my Kindle while on holiday myself! It’s a book to which I have found myself saying Yes, Yes, Yes over and over again as I have read it through.


The book’s full title is “Ten: Why Christianity Makes Sense” and could be described as a book of lists. The ‘TEN’ in the title coincidentally refers to the paperback price of £10, although the Kindle edition is just TEN percent of that!


Back to the book itself. Each chapter is a list entitled something like “Ten things about … ” – for example, five of the chapters are:


  • Ten problems people have with faith
  • Ten things I believe about God
  • Ten things I don’t believe about God
  • Ten cliches to avoid
  • Ten ways to pray
Within each chapter the author, an Anglican Bishop, provides short, clear and simple suggestions which will help you think about what you believe, and help you have discussions with others. The fact that each chapter is in the form of a list makes it very easy to digest as it is all presented in highly readable and manageable chunks. Although the author comes from an Anglican tradition, there are no denominational boundaries and indeed the book is as accessible to those outside the faith as those who have been church members all their lives.


It is highly recommended as a book for sharing in a small group, perhaps discussing a chapter a week, for the author asks at the end of each chapter a question of the form “What did you think of my list of ten? Would you have come up with a similar list? If not, what differences would there have been?”
Happy reading!


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