Get Lumina-ted!

There is a wealth of Bible study resources now available online which can take your own Bible reading up many levels. In this blog I am highlighting just one: Lumina

Lumina logoLumina is a study portal maintained by the great people over at and can be found easily by clicking on (how easy is that to remember?)


The big advantage of an online study tool is that it can be accessed anywhere you have access to the internet. Other advantages include its ability to remember where you were last time you logged on, the speed of finding the material you need to read and its easy useability. And of course it runs on every type of computer and every type of smartphone.

What Can You Do with Lumina? 

Lumina, as you may well know, is a word which means “light” and this study resource is designed simply to shine light onto God’s word as you read. You are invited to set up a free account so that when you log in it knows who you are and where you were before. The basic use of Lumina is therefore to read your Bible.

Choose and Compare Translations

The default translation is the New English Translation. Others include the ESV (my current preference), the KJV and the Message. You can even read along in parallel with the original Hebrew or Greek if you feel so inclined! Choose Parallel to compare the currently selected verse in ten different English translations.

Try This With A Print Bible…

  • Two clicks and you’re reading John Chapter 3 (or indeed any chapter in any book)
  • Have the current chapter read aloud to you
  • Adjust the font size to suit your eyes
  • Turn on/off things like verse numbers or section headings
  • Share directly to your Facebook/Twitter account

Prepare a Bible Study

Let’s say you are reading Psalm 23. You are struck by the word ‘shepherd’ so you do a search for this word. Instantly you are shown all 181 references to shepherds in the Bible, and with one click you limit this to 33 references in the New Testament. What connections to Psalm 23 can you now make with these well-known New Testament passages?

Read Articles

Do you need to think about faithful stewardship of your money? Search for “money stewardship” and you will be given hundreds of articles written by contributors on the theme of money and stewardship.

Dig Deep

Choose a Bible passage you want to study. This could be one of your own choices, a text from a book you’re reading or one you’ve heard recently in church. There’s even one click to a Passage for Today so that you can be taken to a new passage of Scripture every morning or evening. If you select NET Notes you get access to thousands of extra details about the translation, instant cross-references to other Bible verses and points to maps, articles and much more. Bible commentaries by the likes of Matthew Henry will offer deep insights on the passage you are reading, and you can also make and store your own thoughts in the ‘My Notes’ tab. It’s like having sophisticated Bible software right in your browser.

Get Lumina-ted!

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