Prayer for Week 15th October 2017

Prayer of the Week for the Week Beginning 15th October 2017

Earth & UniverseWe praise you, Lord, for the wonderful universe you have created.

How amazing it is!  How full it is of colours and shapes, all kinds of sounds and scents and so much that we can touch, taste and experience!

We praise you for the amazing variety of plant life… to give delight, to provide us with food and to be the means of healing… varieties too numerous to count.

We praise you for the astounding diversity of animals, insects, fish and birds… millions of different species, all with their place in creation.

We praise you, Lord, for the richness of human life.  Each one of us is created to be unique and special. Teach us to celebrate all people as our brothers and sisters, for all are precious to you, loving Creator.  Amen.

© Wendy Ross-Barker
Published with the kind permission of Wendy Ross-Barker

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