Prayer for Week 8th October 2017

Prayer of the Week for the Week Beginning 8th October 2017

Forest Garden

Creator of all that is, we praise you.
Through the senses you have given,
we can appreciate this multi-perfumed world.
Now we praise you for our sense of smell
and for all the different aromas
which, when we perceive them,
tell us of their source and awaken our response.

We praise you for…
Scent of flowers and of fruitful gardens
The salty tang of beach and sea
And the freshness of the pine woods
Bread baking in the oven,  coffee freshly ground
Herbs and spices, oranges and lemons
And all the fragrant odours we enjoy.

We praise you too for odours that disturb us…
Like the smell of burning or of gas or sewerage…
Warning of danger and the threat of disease
So that we might avoid or confront the peril they embody.

For all the benefits that come to us through our sense of smell,
Creator of all that is, we praise you.

© Wendy Ross-Barker
Published with the kind permission of Wendy Ross-Barker

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