Prayer for Week 12th November 2017

Prayer of the Week for the Week Beginning 12th November 2017


Generous God, we celebrate your
overflowing stream of goodness to us.
We experience your amazing generosity

every day of our lives.
Our daily need for food is your concern
and we see your provision
in fields full of healthy crops,
in trees heavily laden with fruit…
we see your provision
in shelves stacked full in shops and supermarkets.
Our need for clothing, warmth and shelter
is not neglected by you
and we find that we have all
that we need and more.

 Our need for beauty and stimulation
for our growth and our delight
is recognised by you
and we rejoice in wonders of nature seen and felt,
in music, art and literature,
drama and poetry and dance,
born of your creative gifts.

 Our need to love and be loved is on your heart
and our hearts are warmed
by the love of the families and friends
you have given to us,
by the unexpected generosity of strangers,
by your gift in us
to feel love and to give love.

Generous God, we celebrate your
overflowing stream of goodness to us
and offer our praise and thanksgiving.

© Wendy Ross-Barker
Published with the kind permission of Wendy Ross-Barker

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