Ordination Service

Revd Stephen Froggatt’s Ordination

On Sunday 29th June 2014, Ordination Services occurred at six venues in the towns and cities around Birmingham where the 2014 Methodist Conference was being held.  Our own Minister, Revd Stephen Froggatt, was formally accepted into the Methodist Connection during the morning of 29th June when his title changed from ‘Probationer’ to ‘Ordinand’.  During the afternoon he was formally Ordained along with seven other Ordinands in an extremely exuberant, lively and joyful Service of Ordination held in the Central Methodist Hall, Coventry. 

Ordination Service - The St Martin's Contingent

Ordination Service – The St Martin’s Contingent

I am sure anyone in the nearby Coventry shopping precinct could not have failed to have heard the very energetic shouts of acceptance from the Congregation when the President asked if the Ordinants were worthy of Ordination and whether they would be upheld in their Ministry.  The applause following the Ordination by laying on of hands was almost deafening.  This was the first occasion I had experienced an Ordination Service and had expected a very formal and somewhat dry Service.  This Service was far from dry and everyone exuded happiness and joy.  Even the formal and solemn parts were performed with an air of great happiness.  The joy of the Lord was and is truly all around us.


The St Martin's & Lymm Contingents with Stephen Following His Ordination

The St Martin’s & Lymm Contingents with Stephen Following His Ordination

Contingents from both the St Martin’s and the Lymm Churches were amongst the Congregation.  I was surprised at how many from both Churches managed to make the journey to Coventry to support our Minster on this day when he finally achieved the Lord’s calling.  No photographs were allowed to be taken during the Service so the pictures are from just prior to the Service and just following the Service.


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