Christingle Service 2014

Christingle 1
The Christmas Christingle Service was a very happy and joyous event  and took the form of a free and easy celebration of Christmas rather than a traditional Service. The Church was very full with a large number of children present.  The Children made their own Christingles.

Christingle 2


Christingles are made from oranges, which represent the world. Around the orange is fastened a red ribbon, which represents the love and blood of Christ.  Four cocktail sticks containing  sweets and dried fruit are inserted into the sides of the orange to represent God’s creations.  Some people also say they also represent the four seasons.  Into the top of the orange is inserted a candle which represents Jesus as the light of the world bringing joy and hope to people living in darkness. 

Christingle 4


The children at St Martin’s used Glowsticks rather than candles for safety   Finished Christingles, but the sweets were quickly sampled


Christingle 3 


Each child brought a knitted figure to the front of the Church to built a model of the Christmas Nativity Scene.

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