Children’s Holiday Club 2014

July 2014

” Well what a week it has been here at MEGA MAKERS!”, For those of you who weren’t aware this week, our church has been transformed into tool sheds and a special workshop including our very own mega machine! The theme for this years holiday club, was exploring the idea of the more you believe in something the bigger  it becomes. The idea that the more you follow God the bigger his love becomes for you. This week the children have explored this idea through many different bible stories and craft activities to reinforce this concept. 

Throughout the week the children have created bottle boats, potato heads, edible Easter gardens and not forgetting the most popular creation of Gods eye! Each day the children worked within their tool-sheds: Screwdrivers, Spanners and Nuts and bolts. The children thoroughly enjoyed being in their different groups, and meeting new friends whilst learning about how strong Gods love is for them in a fun and loving environment. Alongside all the busy activities each day the children participated in a theme song “Nothings to big big big” and a workout routine to “Big fish little fish”, all the children thoroughly enjoyed performing the different songs/actions especially on Friday when we performed to our friends and families, before enjoying our extra special picnic!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the holiday club team for all their hard work and preparation!, this years Mega Makers has been a fantastic success and wouldn’t be possible without such a hardworking and dedicated team. A special thank you to Brainwave and Boffin who kept us all entertained within the workshop and taught us all lots of new inventions with the special help of the magnificent Mega Machine! 
See you all next year !
Kate Pritchard

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